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2021 Bond Issue: Proposed Projects

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Your tax dollars are being put to good use.  We will continue to update the progress on our most recent bond projects below.  Please contact the district office for questions or to arrange a tour of the progress. We are excited to see progress on projects that were approved by our tax payers on October 12, 2021. The bond is capturing additional property taxes being collected in large part due to the new wind farm with funds being used primarily to meet infrastructure needs that will allow our buildings to last for generations to come. These infrastructure projects include standing seam, pitched metal roof construction to be completed on the main classroom buildings at both sites. These construction projects at both sites only lack a few final details. Both sites have seen significant upgrades to aging HVAC units that have improved the efficiency of heating and cooling our buildings. These projects will extend the life of our buildings and reduce operating costs which will allow the district to pump more resources into the classroom and also survive tough financial times. In addition to facility improvements, there were also transportation upgrades including the purchase of a much needed activity bus as well as a "Non-CDL" route bus with wheelchair access. Timberlake made the calculated decision to delay this bond from April to October in order to have accurate value numbers on the wind farm. This was done to both protect local land owners if estimates were lower than the final evaluation, but to also ensure that the district is able to capture the full value of the wind farm to improve the quality of our facilities for our kids. This decision has allowed the Timberlake district to avoid losing over $1,000,000 of new taxes that will now be poured into our school while giving local tax payers a much deserved, 1 year tax decrease. The 2021 bond proposal brought taxes back to previous levels. Initial drawings of proposed projects as well as updated pictures of progress are included above. Please keep in mind that the renderings were initial architectural proposals that included features that were not part of the original plan and added substantially to the overall project budget. There have been cosmetic changes made to the plans based on budgetary and planning purposes which include the removal of arched awnings and extended roofing at the JH/HS which required pillars. Please contact Kale Pierce at if you have any questions. 

Bond Issue Transparency Document

2021 Bond Issue Projects

2 Bond Issues to payoff in 2026-2027 totaling $3.9M

Status                    Project Description
In Use            Purchase of new Freightliner Activity Bus
In Use            Handicap Accessible 14-passenger (Non-CDL) Route Bus
Complete     Elementary HVAC Replacement- 12 outdated units                                                                           
Complete     JH/HS Auditorium HVAC Replacement
Complete   New standing seam metal roof on Elementary Building
Installed New Signage installed on roof gables on the elementary gym, main HS entrance, HS auditorium entrance; awaiting lighting repairs
Complete New standing seam metal roof on JH/HS East Wing/Auditorium
Complete   New standing seam metal roof on Ag Building
Complete  Geothermal HVAC Installation- JH/HS Main Building (Drilling, manifold, boring complete, pump house construction in progress)

2019 Bond Issue Projects

All of the following were accomplished with a 5 year, $2.1M Bond

Status                   Project Description
Complete           Elementary Sidewalks
Complete           Handicap Parking (Jet and Helena)
Complete           HS Football Bleachers                                                                              
Complete           Elem/HS Football Concession/Bathroom Facilities
Complete         Elementary Storage: Ordered and scheduled for construction
Complete           HS Auditorium Seating/Improvements
Complete           Flooring projects at both sites
Complete           Elementary locker room renovations
Complete           Security Doors: both sites
Complete           HS Security Camera Replacement/Elementary Camera Additions
Complete           HS Bathroom Renovations
Complete           HS Kitchen Remodel
Complete           HS Kitchen Appliance replacement 
Complete            Softball Field Lighting installation
Complete            HS & Elementary Marquees
Complete            Transportation Maintenance Building/Land Purchase
Complete            HS & Elementary Intercom System Replacements
Complete            Elementary Covered Walkways
Complete            Chromebook purchase: Completes District-wide 1-to-1 initiative
Complete            Tractor implements
​Complete            John Deere Gator purchased for maintenance and activity use Complete            JH/HS Baseball/Softball infield sprinkler system Complete JH/HS Baseball/Softball Field grass & dirt work at Helena Complete JH/HS Softball Field dirt work at Jet Complete JH/HS Baseball/Softball backstop padding-Helena


All Vehicles have been delivered and ready for use:
2-4x4 Chevy Suburban route vehicles
3-53 Passenger Route Buses
71 Passenger Route Bus w/ A/C for activity trip backup
New Ag Pickup
​15 Passenger Non-CDL Activity Bus

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We are proud to say that your tax dollars have been used wisely and stretched to meet more needs than originally promised.  Many of the projects listed above were in addition to the projects originally committed to during the planning and election phases for the 2019 bond. Funds were made available by taking on projects in house, as well as purchasing the transportation building rather than having one built. The combination of these savings allowed us to add projects to improve facilities and equipment, as well as to improve upon plans on some of the original projects to better meet the needs of our students and our community. Please contact the district office for questions or to arrange a tour of the progress. Please contact Kale Pierce at if you have any questions. 

Bond Issue Transparency Document