Online enrollment: Timberlake is utilizing an online enrollment format to hopefully cut down on a lot of time and effort for parents. This year (2022-2023) is our trial year for online enrollment.

To begin online enrollment:  Request an Account
Please select the user type to request--Click Guardian
Enter your email address--a verification code will be sent to your email.
Enter the verification code
Enter your cell phone number or number that you would like to receive a confirmation and how you would like to receive it.
Once you enter the code you will begin to enter your information to request an account.
Click Submit
Your information will be sent for your account to be approved.
Once your account is approved, you will be contacted with further instructions to proceed to enroll your student(s)

For school enrollment, a parent or guardian must provide a state issued birth certificate as well as one of the following:  
     1. Current, up-to-date immunization records; or  
     2. A completed and signed exemption form.

NEW Families:
New families will need to enroll in person and provide the following documentation at enrollment

  • Student's Birth Certificate

  • Parent or guardian shall provide 1 of the following: 1. Current, up-to-date immunization records; or 2. Completed and signed exemption form.

Families that live outside the Timberlake School District MUST be approved for transfer prior to enrolling. Directions below.

Sports Physical/Immunization Information

The Health Department Mobile Unit will be coming to Timberlake HS to provide immunizations and no cost physicals for Timberlake students. Sports Physicals and Immunizations (HS Science classroom next to library during enrollment)

There are required documents that MUST be filled out and submitted in order to participate.

Additional Forms
The following are not included in family enrollment packets, but may be applicable for specific students. Please submit the first page of the medical forms and any other that are pertinent for each child. Students in grades 5-12 who plan to participate in athletics must complete and submit the other forms in order to participate. 

Medical Forms (Please return page 1 and all other applicable forms at enrollment)
Timberlake Sports Physical Forms (Due prior to first practice for 5-12 students participating in athletics)
Concussion/Cardiac Arrest Info and Form (Due prior to first practice for 5-12 students participating in athletics)
HS Drug Testing Consent Form (Due August 12 for all HS student participating in extra-curricular activities)

-Free/Reduced Applications, student/parent handbooks, technology policies, and other required forms will be available online. Free/Reduced applications are an instrumental part of the funding process that allows Timberlake Schools to receive funding that helps provide a better overall education to our students. This form will be in a separate tab when enrolling your student. Only one form needs to be filled out for all students in your household.

​Timberlake Out of District Policy
The following forms must be completed and returned to the Timberlake District Office to be considered for an out of district transfer. Transfers must be approved by the Board of Education prior to being officially enrolled at Timberlake unless otherwise indicated. Updated policies required by new state law are included below and went into effect on January 1, 2022

Transfer Policy Special Education Transfer Policy

Most recent class size limits & availability

Required Form:

SDE Transfer Application

Timberlake Virtual Academy Information

Timberlake Public Schools is providing a much more limited option for a full, at-home virtual school program. Families wishing to explore this option must apply for acceptance and meet very specific guidelines to be approved. This path does not allow for participation in extracurricular activities and is a privilege that comes with strict attendance and educational requirements. If you are interested in this path, please read the Timberlake Virtual Academy handbook below and return the application to kpierce@tlake.k12.ok.us as soon as possible or at enrollment if you choose this path.

Timberlake Virtual Academy Student/Parent Handbook
Timberlake Virtual Academy Application

Timberlake Public Schools is very interested in finding a way to at least provide free breakfast to all PK-12 students. For this to be possible, it is crucial that we substantially increase the number of Free and Reduced Applications turned in. We understand the sensitivity of this issue, but it is VERY important to the District that they be completed, as they net us significant funding in a number of areas. Many times, families are surprised that they qualify for at least reduced meal prices. Even though you may not need help paying for meals, it will help the district move toward our goal of providing Free Breakfast.

Free Breakfast will also require all families to have a positive account balance. We appreciate the effort made by most to move in this direction, but we still have a few families left that are keeping Free Breakfast from being a reality. We are currently setting up payment plans to help as much as possible. Please make arrangements to have all negative balances brought up to current. All factors in this decision (these two plus the Oct 1 State funding decisions) will be used to determine if the Free Breakfast option is viable.