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Timberlake Out of District Transfers
Families living outside the Timberlake school district must have an approved transfer prior to students being officially enrolled at Timberlake unless otherwise indicated. It is NOT guaranteed to be accepted and there is a process that takes time to complete. We strongly urge parents to begin this process as early in the summer as possible to allow time for enrollment if accepted or to pursue alternative options if not accepted. Updated policies required by new state law are included below and went into effect on January 1, 2022.

Special Education Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy

Class Size Limits Availability

Required Form:
SDE Transfer Application

Frequently asked questions:

Do students living in or around Carmen require a transfer?

Yes. While Alva allows Timberlake to run a bus route to Carmen and approves outgoing transfers, Carmen lies outside of the Timberlake district. State law requires an approved transfer for all out of district students.

Does the new law allow my child to attend Timberlake or any other school of my choosing?

Not necessarily. This is a common misunderstanding based on how the new transfer law was represented to the public. Transfers still have to be approved by the receiving district with 3 criteria to deny transfers: 1. Capacity 2. Documented attendance issues 3. Documented discipline issues Due to current class sizes at Timberlake, it is more likely that transfers are denied than accepted at this point. In many cases, adding even a small number of students to many of our classes would require the hiring of an additional teacher.

Will Timberlake provide transportation for my child if their transfer is approved?

With the exception of the current Carmen bus route, Timberlake's policy is that our routes will not leave the district to pick up or drop off students. Arrangements are typically made to allow out of district students to be picked up and dropped off at a location already on a current route.