Elementary Roof Update

If you've been by either Timberlake site over the last few months, you can't help but notice the exciting progress occurring. Contractors have all but wrapped up work at the elementary and have moved on to the high school. Drilling for the JH/HS geothermal HVAC system has been ongoing with hopes of wrapping up drilling soon. Framing for the new roof at the high school is well underway. Plans have shifted so work now continue for both the roof and the geothermal HVAC system simultaneously so that the structure from the roofing project can be used to support geothermal piping. This will save both time and money in the long run. The goal is to complete HVAC and roofing at both sites by this summer. The replacement of outdated HVAC units at the elementary was completed early in the fall. We have also taken delivery of both buses purchased with the transportation bond. The new activity bus has been in service since last fall and a 14 passenger, handicapped accessible bus was delivered and put in service following Christmas Break. We will continue to update progress on the website which can be accessed by clicking the Bond Issue Information link under Our District. As always, we are extremely grateful for the community support for our school and we're excited to see the results taking shape.